Masks For A Better Life

11/20/2020 - Time TBD

About this Event

Children worldwide are faced with life-threatening illnesses. Many of these illnesses are preventable through vaccination, however, countless children do not have access to these life-saving treatments. The Masks For A Better Life program will hopefully lead to an increase in vaccines within third-world countries. The funds from the mask sales will be donated to UNICEF's Health and Immunization Global Program. The masks will be black and contain the Masks For A Better Life logo and one size fits all.

Every year, most of us attend a doctor's appointment to receive our necessary vaccines. We often take this for granted, not realizing the importance of the medicine within the shot. We do not express enough gratitude for vaccines because getting immunized is an expectation for us. This easy access to vaccines is not as common as we think, especially in third world countries. Childhood immunizations almost guarantee protection from many major diseases. It prevents 2 million deaths per year. However, 19.7 million children did not get properly vaccinated this decade. These numbers are increasing rapidly each day, which is why we need your help. The purpose of Masks For a Better Life is to globally make a difference in the number of vaccinated children each year. Every mask that is purchased by you contributes to providing immunizations for children worldwide. All proceeds will go towards this cause. Buy a mask to save a life today!!!!

*UNICEF does not endorse any brand, product, or service. 

Help Save Children's Lives
All children deserve to live safe and healthy lives. Make a 100% tax-deductible donation today to give the world's most vulnerable children the nutrition, water and medical supplies they desperately need.

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11/20/2020 - Time TBD
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