Children Helping Children 2021

5:00pm EST 2/15/2021

$0 - $500
Children Helping Children 2021
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Children Helping Children Benefit

Date: LIVE: Monday, February 15, 2021 at 5:00 PM EST


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Note: 100% of your donation goes directly to UNICEF to help children all around the world!


Hello! I’m Ayush, a ninth grader at Rye Country Day School.

Each year, I organize the Children Helping Children Benefit Concert with performances by accomplished and gifted children. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives through music. I was initially motivated to start a benefit after a close friend of mine was diagnosed with leukemia, but as I researched and set up last year’s concert, I learned of many other people’s pain and struggles. I listened to heartfelt stories from people, and, through hard work, dedication, and the kindness of people’s hearts, we raised over $25,000 over the last two years to help fund research and hospital care with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

In 2021, as we navigate these uncertain and unprecedented times, I felt it was more important than ever to do what I could to help children in need. With that in mind, we took a more global perspective and partnered up with the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund (UNICEF)  to support their mission of ensuring that no child suffers needlessly. Children who are passionate about both music and community service will use what we have, the gift of music, to help raise money for children in need around the world. I hope you'll join us in our effort to turn this vision into a reality.

All gifts, no matter how big or small, will make a tremendous difference. Your gift means so much to me and even more to so many others who depend on the work UNICEF does, working in the toughest of places to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents – and to protect the rights of children, everywhere. Thank you for your support. 

Note: If you would like to make your gift anonymous, please type in "ANONYMOUS" in the promo code section.



Raised To Date: $19,125
Goal: $10,000

List of Donors:

Breve - $500 and above

T. Cross

E. Donohue

M. Farrell

D. Flowerdew 

P. Haskell

S. Kellie-Smith

W. Lee

M. Martini

A. McKeon

D. Miell

J. Montemaggiore

M. Nadel


Semibreve - $250 and above

Anonymous (1)

H. Baijal

P. Biswas

L. Bofman

J. Bradley

K. Campmany

N. Gupta

K. Le

A. Mueller/U. Mueller

A. Prasad

M. Rosner

S. Shah

K. Story

K. Sun

N. Yokoi


Minim - $100 and above

Anonymous (3)

L. Bernstein

S. Carroll

H. Chang

B. Chtromberg

L. Dabinett

W. Doran

V. Gelfand

D. Goel

M. Gogate

D. Graber

M. Hingorani

V. Indukuri

D. Israel

A. Lin

M. Lin

V. Lin

K. MacLennan

C. Maini

T. Martin

K. Ng

S. Scarpati

C. Scuilla

V. Viljanac

A. West

Y. Yang

D. Yoon

D. Zaeske

P. Zavagnin


Crotchet - $50 and above

Anonymous (2)

M. Alano

R. Bansal

L. Cha

A. Chen

I. Chen

S. Duhn

K. Gerson

J. Krystal

S. Lam

K. Lim

E. Lopez

S. Minichetti

U. Nair

P. Santanna

T. Silverman

D. Slider

A. Sood

R. Staub

J. Tan

S. Ward

H. Weisman

Y. Yamatsu


Quaver - $1 and above

Anonymous (4)

U. Chen

J. de Haan

D. Kyle

M. Lane

A. Nelson

(as of 3/6/2021 at 9:00pm ET)

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Note: List is updated manually several times each day.
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5:00pm EST 2/15/2021
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