Child Friendly Cities Webinar: Developing an Action Plan
4:00pm EST 12/12/2019


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Thursday December 12: Developing A CFCI Action Plan

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Join UNICEF USA Director of Advocacy and Engagement, Danielle Goldberg and CFCI Technical Expert, Dr. Pamela Wridt for a webinar on developing a CFCI action plan. 


Thursday December 12, 4 pm - 6 pm 

The CFCI Local Plan of Action for Children represents a vision for children and young people in their cities and communities. It is based upon the results of the local situation analysis and integrates the government and community assessment data to determine priorities and strategies for improving the well-being of all children and young people. The plan is developed through collaborative and intergenerational planning workshop(s), involving decision makers and representatives of children, young people, their parents and service providers from across the city. 


Participants will:

  • Learn about the objectives and different components of the action planning process
  • Understand the steps for implementing the local action planning process with children and young people
  • Explore the theory of change tools for the local action planning process
  • Brainstorm ideas for implementing the local action planning process with participants from different cities involved in the first round of CFCI piloting
  • Have opportunities to ask questions with CFCI technical expert, Dr. Pamela Wridt and Danielle Goldberg, UNICEF USA’s Director of Advocacy and Engagement

Note: Link to join the webinar will be provided upon RSVP on your ticket confirmation.