CBHS Project Read Aloud

February - May 31st, 2022 11am EST

CBHS Project Read Aloud
About this Event

The UNICEF chapter at Clear Brook High School in Houston, Texas started 5 years ago and has dramatically increased in size every year. Although this year poses many challenges, we firmly believe that our club, in partnership with Clear Brook High School's National Honor Society, can continue to make an impact by fundraising, advocating and spreading awareness in our community.

Created by the UNICEF club at Mayo High School in Rochester, MN, Project Read Aloud is an opportunity for high school students to give back to their community by sending videos of themselves reading children’s books to CCISD elementary schools in the Houston area. This activity is entirely virtual, making it safe and accessible for anyone to participate!  


Video Guidelines:
  • Video must be in a horz frame - Landscape orientation

  • Include an introduction for every video Name (optional)  and title of book, author and illustrator and publisher. 

    • “Hello my name is ____ and I’ll be reading (title) by (author),  illustrated by (artist) and published by (publisher).” 

  • Aim for a video length between 3 min to 6 min

  • Participants must show their face and the pages of the book in video.

    • Please reflect the video so that words on the pages aren't inverted

    • If you have an ebook, use the screen sharing feature on Flipgrid to record the pages of your book while still showing your face. 

Project Guidlines:
  • This activity will be on Flipgrid - a new Flipgrid topic will be released every week and this is where participants will record and submit their video
  • A sign up form will be released every week (on Monday) which will contain a list of books to choose from  
  • Participants who sign up for a book must submit a video to Flipgrid by Friday @ 11:59
  • A participant can only submit one video per week. There’s no limit to how many people submit a video. Multiple participants can choose to read the same book but we encourage participants to read books that have not already been read by another participant 
  • This is a volunteer hour opportunity! 1 video constitues 1 hour; maximum of 2 hours 
  • Every person who wants to participate must first submit a website permission form

Sign up link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60B0B45AAAD2BA2F94-cbhs1 

Please consider donating to our club GoFundMe - all money goes directly to UNICEF's global effort to put children first!


Help Save Children's Lives
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Online :)
February - May 31st, 2022 11am EST
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