Big Heart
11:00am PST 5/10/2019

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A $200 gift can provide a UNICEF School-in-a-Box that will help at least 40 children continue their education during times of emergency and conflict. Materials for an entire classroom are packed into a large portable aluminum case, including a clock, markers and flipchart, and even an inflatable globe for geography lessons! The inside lid of the box doubles as a blackboard when coated with the special paint included in the kit. 

A $415 gift can provide a hand-operated water pump to provide safe drinking water for a small community. Safe water provided by these hand pumps prevents water-borne diseases and enables children to go to school because they aren't spending time walking long distances to fetch water.


A $1,000 gift can provide 6 families with shelter in an emergency. These tarpaulins transofrm into makeshift shelters that can keep children and their families safe during traumatic times. 

Donation to UNICEF

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