Alexandra's 5th Birthday Party!
2:00am PST 10/20/2019
Alexandra's 5th Birthday Party!

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Your $35 gift buys 5 girls an Empowerment Pack. Each Girls Empowerment Pack includes 5 menstrual pads, 2 pad holders and a pouch for storage, providing each girl the protection and peace of mind she needs to stay in school and forge better a future.

Help protect 100 children under 5 from Polio, a highly contagious viral infection with oral polio vaccine drops.

From schools to refugee camps or child-soldier rehabilitation centers, play can bring children and communities together, a critical element of any child's development. 

This UNICEF Inspired Gift could provide 5,000 water purification tablets to families for purifying water in emergency situations, when the water supply may be compromised. This gift could help purify at least 20,000 liters of water, protecting children and families from water-borne illnesses.

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Alexandra's 5th Birthday Party!

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Thank you for celebrating Alex’s 5th Birthday with us!  In lieu of a gift, please consider making a donation to UNICEF to help save and protect our children's most vulnerable global peers.

- Adam and Katie