UNICEF Water Walk
April 20th, 2019 1pm PST - April 20th, 2019 3pm PST
UNICEF Water Walk

MSU People's Park

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UNICEF Water Walk

MSU People's Park

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The UNICEF Water Walk is a great activity for all ages that creates an environment of learning around global water-related issues. We have chosen to march on the Michigan State University campus with gallons of water to experience what millions of mothers and children do each day walking miles to gather water for their families. The packaged water used in this march will be donated to organizations that are first responders in emergency relief and food banks based in Flint, Michigan.

UNICEF at MSU is conducting the UNICEF Water Walk to raise awareness about the impact of the global water crisis, the lack of improved sanitation, and the contamination of water. We believe that safe drinking water is a fundamental human right. We stand to march to speak for the 663 million people around the world who use unsafe drinking water sources and the 24 million people that lack access to improved sanitation facilities. Come advocate for the impact the world water crisis is having on individuals here in the US and all around the world.

For more information visit www.unicefatmsu.com


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