Michael's 2nd Birthday Party!
August 11th, 2018 @ 10:00am PST
Michael's 2nd Birthday Party!

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As simple as they are, pencils and books are some of the most effective tools we know for easing poverty, ending conflict, and creating a better world. Put these simple supplies in the hands of a child, and watch them grow and thrive.

This gift includes 40 exercise books and 40 slates for children to practice writing and arithmetic and a box of 80 pencils. Fill their back packs with these classroom basics to let them fulfill their potential.

Protect 100 children from Polio, a highly contagious viral infection. Polio drops are administered orally, just like here in the USA. 

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals can impair children's physical and cognitive development. A new program from Unicef aims to provide young children with their daily dose of micronutrients through the provision of one-a-day sachets of vitamin sprinkles. Your Unicef donation will provide vitamin sprinkles for 2 toddlers for a whole year, helping them to grow healthy and strong.

Keep 5 babies snug and warm with a Unicef Inspired Gift set of 5 fleecy, thermal blankets. Unicef supplies blankets to babies and children in hospitals, day-care centers and during emergency situations.

Provide 100 vaccine doses to help protect 50 children against measles. Measles kills more than 160,000 children worldwide each year. Unicef is the world's largest provider of vaccines for global immunization programs, protecting millions of children every year from diseases like measles, tetanus and polio. 

Michael's 2nd Birthday Party!

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Hi friends!

We're excited for you to join us to celebrate Michael's Birthday!  In lieu of a gift, please help Unicef save and improve the lives of children like ours around the world.  In your child's name, Michael will donate a year's supply of vitamin sprinkles to 2 toddlers in addition to each of your contributions.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

The Kosmicki Family